Polishook Piano

Jazz or classical piano lessons

with Mark in his Leicestershire studio or on Skype

Skype piano lessons with Mark Polishook

Polishook Piano

Jazz or classical piano lessons

with Mark in his Leicestershire studio or on Skype

Skype piano lessons with Mark Polishook

Learning with Mark

Experience a new way of learning the piano in which improvisation is one huge part of the overall process.

And why shouldn’t it be? For example, consider Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, not to mention many other great composers. First and foremost, they were known to the public as astounding improvisers. Following that, came their reputation as composers.

When you study with Mark, whether in his studio or over Skype, you’ll build up and out from that legacy of creativity and on-the-spot extemporisation: You’ll do so by collaborating with Mark to to create your own individual approach to your own interests.

If improvisation, classical music, composition, jazz, music theory, music technology, or some combination—even perhaps only one or two—of the above are what interest you, then your collaboration and study with Mark—and your learning process—won’t be a set succession of steps—the same grades and requirements, so to speak, for one and all. Rather, your collaboration with Mark will grow towards the skills and accomplishments you wish to acquire.

Over time, the results of your study with Mark—your steady progress and growth as a pianist and a musician—will be obvious such that it’ll speak for itself. In fact, over time and with practice, substantial progress will arrive—often before you realise it! And there’ll be another benefit: The acquisition of additional and propitious skills, knowledge, and understanding. In concert with your interests, all such things will propel you ever forward and closer to your goals.

Learn in an efficient, easy, fun, and rigorous way so you get the results you’d like
Work towards the potential and proficiency that you have and you’d like to reach
Relax and enjoy learning at the piano.
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Mark Polishook teaching on skype

“…a mentor in the fullest sense of the term…”

People who have studied with Mark

and what they are saying

Dr Norbert Palej

Associate Professor and head of the University of Toronto Music Composition and Theory Dept

Mark’s a world-class jazz pianist, a wonderfully inventive composer, an expert in electroacoustic music, and a mentor in the fullest sense of the term.

He’s inspired every aspect of my creative development. His guidance, teaching and support transformed my life–I wouldn’t have gotten where I am without him. I can’t imagine a more complete teacher for any aspiring musician.

Peter Letanka

Jazz Pianist and Educator

Mark was my teacher at the University of Maine at Augusta as part of a BA Honors degree in jazz from Leeds College of Music. Mark transformed my understanding of music. And while he was teaching me harmony and improvisation he was also showing me an approach to life. I seemed to walk  out a foot taller from every one of his lessons.

Now nearly 20 years later, I run creative music workshops with diverse groups including orchestral  players, opera singers, prisoners and primary school children. I find myself quoting him practically every day to the groups I work with. The participants seem to walk out a foot taller as I did years ago.

Image of Frances Wilson

Frances Wilson

Piano teacher and co-founder of the London Piano Meetup Group

Mark’s approach is a journey of discovery. His emphasis is on listening and appreciating not only the sound and quality of the notes, but also the spaces in between. He gives the classical pianist freedom to let go of ingrained preconceptions –to be thankful for wrong notes as the impetus for improvisation–and to banish the rational voice which might say “you can’t do that!”.

Study with Mark Polishook

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Single lessons with Mark Polishook are £75.00 each

Book lesson blocks of 5 or more for £60.00 / lesson

Polishook Piano, 36 The Oval, Oadby, Leicester LE2 5JB United Kingdom

Polishook Piano

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