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July 2014 - Polishookpiano

Ahmad Jamal and John Coltrane

On substance and style in jazz Is style substance? Is it the opposite of substance? Interesting questions. In jazz there’s a definite difference between a style and a stylist. Great jazz musicians, like Ahmad Jamal, John Coltrane, are known for their styles....

Red Garland

The first jazz pianist I could name was Red Garland–his block-chord style had my attention. Fully and completely. I think I was in high school when I first heard him. What I didn’t know in those days was how simple it is to voice right-hand chords like Red...

Improvise. Step 1

I’m writing a post on first steps for improvisers. If you’ve ever written anything you know sometimes it comes flowing out and it’s there and done. Sometimes it comes flowing out but the following day you realise there’s much unsaid that needs...

Piano Tone And How To Shape It

Getting the perfect sound we’d like to get from the piano–or any instrument for that matter–it’s a lifelong pursuit. Lifelong as in we can always know more about the sound we get from an instrument. We can always work at improving it. The underlying...

The Practice of Practice

My copy came this morning. When they’re doing things other than “avoiding” taxes or providing less-than-optimal working conditions for employees, or squeezing publishers they brilliantly provide next-day access to many of the greatest books in the...

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