Ear training train your ear with singing

Ear training train your ear with singing

For ear training and singing trial and error is one of the excellent teachers of all time and all great jazz musicians have excellent hearing of intervals and all else related to playing music. The question is how you get there. There, being a place where...

Meludia and technology

I’m going to become much more pro-active re: technology for music learning. There’s so much good technology stuff out there and, indeed, the piano, is one of the best examples off a previous technology innovation. As for my technology activism, I’ve...

In response to Andrew Eales at PianoDao.com

Technology and the Internet have made a lot of things possible. One of this things is starting every day with a look through the Internet. That means checking email, checking Facebook, checking a few Internet forums, etc. We all do that – nothing special about...

Glenn Gould and the Goldbergs – a new edition

There’s an interesting article in the NY Times about a new edition of the Goldberg Variations. The edition is a transcription of Gould’s famous 1981 recording of that piece complete with his fingerings and pedalings. Evidently the 1981 performance...

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