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Mark Polishook, Author at Polishookpiano
Jazz 625 and a recording project

Jazz 625 and a recording project

Wonderful piece in today’s Guardian about Jazz 625, a TV show from the 60’s that survives mostly on Youtube. It featured many of the greatest jazz musicians of the day. It’s safe to say: Jazz 625 eventually will become an important item for jazz historians, it’s THAT...

Earth setter 1

Here’s one of the pieces that’ll be on my soon to be released whatever-it-is. I know it’ll be released on streaming services, possibly on CD and unfortunately, although probably of no concern, not on vinyl. A not uncommon question that comes up is what the style or...


Here I introduce YABB (yet another boogie woogie). On a related note, am going to offer 1-day boogie woogie workshop in Leicester, which if I’m going to be honest, is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Richard III retired here. If the workshop interests you...

Learn to play jazz

OPINIONS FOLLOW … And I’ve addressses this topic before. That said, and relative to opinions, the Mark Levine jazz piano book with it’s notions of so-called “avoid tones” is hopelessly outdated. Yet, when it was first published it was among the best, if not the...

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